Analog Alarm Receiver
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CloudSurgard Audio Signal Processing

Solve the problem of the obsolescence of analog receivers and the disappearance of copper without changing or reprogramming customer equipment.

Less than 0.30 €/month per alarm panel

Less than the cost of an GSM SIM

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How it Works

Decode analog transmissions and send Surgard frames using IP

CloudSurgard How It Works
Alarm Call

The alarm panel issues a call to the receiving number programmed in its memory, using any of the existing protocols for telephone transmission alarms.

No programming or changes to the client installation required


CloudSurgard receives the direct call from the alarm panel through the number portability of the receiver numbers.

CloudSurgard's advanced software picks up the call and emits the handshake tones by communicating with the panel and receiving the signals.

CloudSurgard emits the Kiss Off tone to the panel and the panel hangs up the call

IP Delivery

The decoded signal is sent through a secure and encrypted SSL tunnel to the central simulating a Surgard MLR-2000 Multiprotocol Digital Receiver.

It is compatible with all alarm management programs: SBN (IBS), Manitou, Mastermind, SoftGuard, etc.

No updating, reprogramming or changing of customer records in the alarm management software is required.

The reception is compatible with the existing software

Real Time Information

Much More Information than Today

CloudSurgard screen shows signals in realtime




Contact ID (dc09)

5101 184138R40101004

Pulses 4+2

1101 2049 A 99

Full Control

Inteligente Signal Decoding

Faster Transmissions

CloudSurgard remembers the protocol of each panel and it presents with the correct handshake at the beginning of each call.

Full Audio Recording

With the full recording of each call you can diagnose problems such as poor line quality, interference or noise in the transmitter


CloudSurgard understands SIA, Contact-Id, 4+2, HighSpeed and the most frequent protocols with tones or pulses, consult the list of supported protocols

Works with Optical Fiber

CloudSurgard supports the modulations of the fiber lines and the new VoIP telecom interconnections


Forget about receivers

Not tied to a place, Not legacy machines


Supports the most common alarm transmission protocols for both pulses and tones


Without making any changes to the client's equipment or to the Alarm Management Software

Pay per use

You only pay per alarm panel, without initial costs or investments, without integrations or projects, cheaper than an IoT SIM

Works even with Optical Fiber

Forget about the problem of the disappearance of copper, with CloudSurgard you will continue to receive signals from all clients, whether they are on fiber or not.

No Hardware

You will no longer need alarm receivers or switchboards or telephone lines in the CRA, all that equipment and its costs disappear with CloudSurgard

Unlimited Capacity

CloudSurgard never communicates, there are always lines available so you will never have congestion, no matter the number


We are available many countries

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Get CloudSurgard

In few days and no downtime

You won't miss a signal

Get on the Cloud

Without making any changes to the client's equipment or to the Alarm Management Software

Dedicate yourself to the future, not the past

It is better to allocate the time of the technical staff of the company to the new projects than analog signals, leave it to CloudSurgard

Extend the life of your older customers

Extends the life of analog alarms without investing in new ones equipment or visits from technicians. It is a very profitable part of the company's portfolio

Protect yourself copper shutdown

Telecom operators are announcing the disappearance of copper, not wait until the last minute to remove the copper lines from your Monitoring Station

Fewer failures, More reliability

What you have turned off cannot fail, without physical lines or receivers you have fewer failure points, do not worry about them, ever.

Better diagnostics

With better tooling, the technical staff will be able to solve more easily problems with these old and sometimes unknown panels