Specifically designed with advanced data processing algorithms to solve the problem of analog lines and the obsolescence of analog alarm receiving equipment

High Performance and Scalability

Thousands of signals per minute automatically

Using Peoplecall Telecommunications capacity you will immediately have capacity for thousands of signals per minute on each input number, you will no longer be limited to the number of skip lines. Your numbers will never communicate.

Faster communications

Accelerated transmissions, including 4.2 seconds on some ContactID transmissions.

This is achieved because CloudSurgard adapts the sequence of handshakes on each calling panel so that in successive calls from the same panel the correct handshake is offered as the first option.

Horizontal redundancy

All the systems that make up CloudSurgard are completely software, with serverless technology, automatically scalable that can absorb the load of hundreds of thousands of signals per minute.

In case one or several instances stop working properly, the system replaces them with new ones automatically without human intervention.

Receive Queues

The decoded signals are sent to the alarm management software via an encrypted connection through Internet, in case the connection with the alarm center is lost, the signals are stored in a queue until 48 hours after receipt.

When the Alarm Center reconnects, the stored signals are sent in the same order in which they were those signals were received, without missing any.

High availability and durability

Monitoring and alerts

CloudSurgard continuously monitors the system to ensure its correct operation, and sends Heartbeat frames to the Alarm management software through the IP connection so that it can detect the failure of a link.

Also in case there are signals in the queue with a waiting time of more than 120 seconds, CloudSurgard sends a alert mail indicating it, to those responsible for the Alarm Center.

Storage of Signals and Audios

The signals and audio of the communication are stored and can be retrieved through the web interface for technical analysis.

It is a great tool for diagnosing communication problems with the alarm panel, as it allows you to hear what what really happens in the communication, checking if the line has too much noise or if the panel sends signals wrong formed or is using a different communication protocol than expected.

As all the signals are reported with the calling phone number it is very easy to locate incorrect calls that have failed to correctly transmit the account number, simply look for the signals using the account number equipment installation phone.

Fully Software

The entire system is 100% software developed by Peoplecall and integrated into its Telecommunications networks. not depending on equipment that may become obsolete or not upgradeable safely.

It is possible to add modifications and improvements as well as adapt to the new times.

CloudSurgard evolutions are performed without interruption of service or degradation in its metrics.

Multiple connection points

CloudSurgard supports multiple connection points from Alarm Monitoring Software in active-active mode, in addition to having multiple access servers.

It is advisable to connect from several connection points to the Cloudsurgard receiver, each signal will enter through one any of the connection points, always maintaining the order of arrival and without repetitions.

In case one of the points falls, the rest will continue to receive the signals.

Multiple Alarm Centers

It is also possible to send the signals to several alarm centers, duplicating or filtering them.

That is, we can send the signals of a set of clients to the alarm center A and the rest to the alarm center B, including sending them all to central A and only those of a group of clients to B

Each of the centrals A, and B can, in turn, have several connections with CloudSurgard and receive signals from multiple receivers without duplicating or cluttering any of the signals.

High level of Security


All communication between the Alarm Monitoring Software is authenticated and encrypted using SSL certificates provided by Peoplecall.

Each connection must have an SSL digital certificate installed and when a signal is confirmed (ACK) by one of them, it is stored which certificate was used in your connection.

This allows for a start-to-finish trace of all signals transiting CloudSurgard

Network Isolation

The entire CloudSurgard system is isolated on a private network with automatic control audits of accesses and monitoring of accesses to resources.

The only part that passes through the public network is the connection with the Alarm Center and this is encrypted by SSL.

Managed Service

Technical Support

In Peoplecall there are qualified personnel in Telephony to manage the problems that the infrastructure can cause and problems that may arise from other operators.

We have Tier1 interconnections with direct access to key personnel from other operators and service providers having diagnostic tools and troubleshooting that an Alarm Center does not normally have.

Also, being a service designed and developed entirely by Peoplecall, we can quickly update to apply the necessary patches or modifications within the company itself

Ease of Migration

Migrating to CloudSurgard is easy, moving call traffic all happens automatically.

CloudSurgard can adapt the signals and configure the decoding to fit the received structure for avoid migrations in the Alarm Monitoring Software.

From the point of view of Alarm Monitoring Software, CloudSurgard behaves like a Surgard MLR-2000 standard.

Monitoring and Metrics

CloudSurgard is fully managed by Peoplecall 24h, expanding the system when necessary, updating libraries and security patches.

We take care of expanding the database space, making modifications when there are changes in the telephone service and make sure that the system responds adequately 24x7 without the Alarm Center + invest time in it.


Compatible with the most used protocols

CloudSurgard is able to understand the most used protocols, such as SIA, Contact-ID, 4+2, n+m in Pulses, HIGH-Speed, ACRON, etc. for the complete list see List of Supported Protocols

It is not necessary any programming change in the panels, or adaptation of any kind.

In the event that at the time of migration some panels of an unknown protocol are discovered, you can set up a “spy” system that relays calls from those panels to old receivers for its decoding, and being able to study the audio recordings of the decoding to adapt CloudSurgard to those particular panels without losing any signal.

Compatible with all Alarm Management Applications

From the point of view of the CloudSurgard Alarm Monitoring Software it behaves as a receiver Surgard MLR-2000.

It is compatible with all Alarm Monitoring Software: SBN (IBS), Manitou, MasterMind, SoftGuard, etc.

To connect through the public Internet to Cloudsurgard it is necessary to install a simple SSL proxy between the Alarm Monitoring Software and CloudSurgard for encryption and Internet connection management.

As the connection is outgoing from the proxy to CloudSurgard no VPN installation is required.

Compatible with Fiber lines and mobile modulations

CloudSurgard uses the latest signal processing technology to work with the modulations of fiber optics and mobile networks

In addition, Peoplecall is connected to the telephony backbone and is ready for decryption. of the signals even in adverse cases.

The panels that worked until now will continue to work after the migration.

Don’t worry about removing copper lines, with CloudSurgard your panels will continue to work.


Pay only for what you use

With CloudSurgard there are no initial commitments, you only pay per alarm panel. There is a fixed price per panel and month of 30 cents.

Cheaper than an IoT SIM that current equipment carries through mobile data.

The price does not vary with the number of calls that panel makes and there are volume discounts, and in some cases, significant discounts depending on the type of traffic.

Optimize infrastructure costs

You will no longer need maintenance of receivers or items to acquire a new receiver if the current one breaks down and you will not need analog lines or switchboards in case you need it with anteriority.

The personnel dedicated to these items will be able to carry out other jobs with greater projection for the future instead of of configuring the same analog infrastructure over and over again.

Check how many meters of floor and cables are now occupied by all that obsolete equipment that you have tied to a physical place and the insecurities before falls that it generates.

All this is solved with CloudSurgard : what is turned off, cannot be down !

Extend the useful life of your alarm equipment

It is not necessary to change the panels of your clients for more modern ones, with the cost that this entails, in teams and in technical hours and organization of visits.

You can monetize during longer the existing installations of its most loyal customers, since they are the oldest ones for a longer time and without capital investment.

It will cost you less than just the SIM card that you would have to install in each of them if you change the panel or the transmitter for a new one of mobile data.

Productivity for technical staff

Search for signals

Equipment signals can be searched with agile search filters and drill down into the data raw emitted by the panel.

Among the information available is the sequence of raw tones and handshakes, which makes it possible the detection of problems: line in poor condition, incorrect protocol, etc.

Can be searched by panel phone number so calls that have not arrived can be found to transmit the account number, this information was not available with analog receivers that only They send the right signals by hiding problems.

Diagnostic Audios

All the signals save the communication audio to be able to correctly analyze what has happened in the transmission.

In this way, it can be checked whether there is too much noise on the line, low amplitude signal, no sound, Like many other cases.

This information is impossible to capture in traditional analog receivers and saves a lot of time in solving problems making the work of technical staff more efficient.

Hyperactivity Reports

Cloudsurgard monitors the calls made by the panels and notifies them daily of those they make more calls than usual.

The report indicates the number of signals sent and the reason why CloudSurgard detected the hyperactivity. Attach a report of the most repeated signals that are usually the indication of the problem and a statistic of the history of calls in the last week.

With this information, technicians can find faults in alarm equipment quickly and effectively. with all the information present in the report.

For more info read hyperactivity reports


The technical staff will forget about the receivers, their power supplies, the RJ11 connectors, cable harnesses, how to reset them, analog lines, cable pair labels, serial connectors, of Telefónica, Orange or Vodafone and the failures that all this can produce.

The signals will enter directly into the IBS, the Manitou or the MasterMind, by IP, using any internet connection.