Hyperactivity Report

It is important to know if a panel is calling too much to avoid unnecessary costs to our clients and to detect panel problems that can affect the performance of the Alarm Center


It is sometimes difficult to detect when a customer is sending a lot of signals and making a lot of phone calls.

If this occurs, the customer may incur communication costs or fill the Monitoring Software database. Alarms with useless information.

CloudSurgard performs a scan of all calls from the previous 24 hours and sends a message with the panels of alarm that in the judgment of the system have had hyperactivity, this message contains a signal report that helps to determine which areas or which parts of the customer’s equipment may be affected.

Capture example

Capture of a Hyperactivity alert email from an alarm panel

Report Sections:


It is the reason why the alert has been initiated

Daily calls in the previous 14 days

It is a histogram that represents the count of daily signals to see on what other days there have been calls and on what quantities

Summary of automations

It is a table with the most frequent signals in the last 24 and their repetitions, this table helps to see if the problem coming from a specific zone, for example too many Alarms and Restorals. Sometimes the problem follows directly of this table without consulting further pages.

Reasons for Hyperactivity

From the scan in the signal database, it is currently decided that a panel is in a hyperactive state if any of the following reasons apply:

  • More than 300 signals in 24 hours.
  • Exceed by more than 200% the average of the signals of the last 14 days.

Who receives these notices?

They are received by the same CloudSurgard users who have tunnel alerts enabled.